My Favourite Detectives.

It’s no mystery that everyone loves a good puzzle to solve – therefore, we all enjoy a good mystery/thriller story.

Whether, it is watching a television series or getting caught up in a great Agatha Christie story – we all seem to crave a mystery in some form.

From a young age I have been influenced and drawn in by many fictional detectives, fuelling my adoration for a great mystery/detective story.

Here, I will be discussing my favourite detectives which I have been lucky enough to come across. Arguably, these are the characters that have sustained my love for the mystery genre; starting from a young age I have been fascinated by detective stories, I was lucky enough, around seven years ago to write a short mystery story for a local magazine, unfortunately, I never got sent a copy of the magazine when I was told I would be sent one. This decreased my confidence massively.

However, my adoration for this genre has not been stunted. Here, we will have a rundown of my favourite detectives!

Firstly, we have Nancy Drew – originally created by Edward Stratemeyer, the character has been enjoyed by many since the 1930s.

My personal favourite being Pamela Sue Martin, I was introduced to this 1977 version by my parents in The Nancy Drew Mysteries which I thoroughly enjoyed, and still enjoy watching every now and again.

MM2 112
Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew.


Actually, I did watch a few episodes around Christmas time, but it is good to have a solid break between them so it is more likely you forget the plotlines which is always interesting and fun when it comes to solving mysteries again!

Pamela Sue Martin portrayed Nancy Drew extremely poignantly, with a touch of class, yet she was still able to look after herself which is what I admire most about her strong willed character. I also enjoyed Emma Roberts’ portrayal of Nancy Drew, in the 2007 version.

My favourite 1977 episode being The Mystery Of The Ghostwriters’ Cruise, as it provides many twists, viewing Nancy Drew out of her comfort zone, facing the unexpected.

Next, we have The Hardy Boys, again introduced to me by my parents, in The Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Mysteries.

Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson as Joe and Frank Hardy.


Originally created by Edward Stratemeyer, the novels being penned under the pseudonym Franklin W Dixon. After being encouraged by my parents to watch this show around nine years ago, I have since become a big fan, regardless of it being created in the seventies, it is one of my favourite television shows which I enjoy sitting down and watching.

The plotlines never fail to captivate me, no matter how many times I re watch them, I remember watching the first episode of season 1 and being completely enthralled by Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson’s portrayal of these young brothers. Their father, Fenton Hardy, is also a found favourite of mine!

My favourite episode being Death Surf, providing The Hardy Boys in a new setting, which is always interesting as a viewer, yet the wonderful acting and plot still remains.

I have since received a few hardback copies of a collection of The Hardy Boys’ mysteries and thoroughly enjoy reading them.

However, it was even greater to learn Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys made collaborative episodes, my favourites being The Mystery Of The Hollywood Phantom, again demonstrating a new setting for these three characters, which is interesting seeing their dynamic and how they react to one another.

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.


A few other collaborative episodes followed, one even involving Dracula himself! The drama sustained itself in The Hollywood Phantom, proving to be a baffling case, yet adding comedic elements here and there.

My other favourite being Arson and Old Lace, in which Janet Louise Johnson played Nancy Drew.

Janet Louise Johnson as Nancy Drew.


It was interesting to see how this new characterisation developed with Frank and Joe Hardy, it proved great, and is indeed a tense episode! With a burning penthouse and the kidnapping of Nancy Drew, no matter how many times I watch it, it always manages to captivate me!

Lastly, I have to mention, possibly the worlds most famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Originally created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this is arguably the most famous detective known to man!

I grew up with my father’s taste of television, so I have him to thank for what I watch (maybe, my next blog post will be based around that) – from Basil Rathbone to Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Holmes never ceases to amaze me.

My favourite Rathbone instalment being The Scarlet Claw, in which Holmes must investigate a series of murders in a small Canadian village, not your average Holmes’ London-based plot, but it is beautifully acted.

Classic, Rathbone as Holmes – Bruce as Watson.


Nigel Bruce’s interpretation of Watson is comical yet wonderful!

Next, we have Robert Downey JR’s version of Sherlock Holmes, he plays him magnificently alongside Jude Law who adds a comical side to Watson.

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.


Set in 1895 London, Robert Downey Jr. manages to bring a comical, yet serious side to Holmes, poignantly playing the wonderful, yet psychopathic detective! It came back with a sequel; Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows, which in my opinion, was the better of the two movies, however, I look forward to a possible third instalment from this great duo!

However, modernised Sherlock is the one I have necessarily grown up with, from the age of eleven, the BBC One version is the one I have primarily paid the most attention to.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Holmes), Martin Freeman (Watson).


Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the two people that founded the roles of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in my eyes – these two people are the ground breaking Holmes and Watson, bringing a fresh perspective to these characters in a modern day setting which does not disappoint.

Growing up adoring Benedict Cumberbatch and being familiar with Martin Freeman, it was evident and plain that I was to watch Sherlock when it first aired in 2010, it did not disappoint and I have not looked back since.

As I reach the end of this blog post, I am brought to remember the very comedic Inspector Clouseau from the comedic Pink Panther classics.

Jacques Clouseau portrayed by Blake Edwards.


Played by the witty Blake Edwards, again, viewing this thanks to my father, Edwards’ brought poise and comedy to his portrayal of the much loved, comedic character.

There we have it, a rundown of my favourite detectives. Are there any you love that I have missed out? If so, please let me know – I would love to know if there are any detectives you feel I would like!






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