Poldark Episode 5 – Tragedy Strikes.

Episode five of series two – incredibly emotional, one to tug at the heartstrings.

The episode starts with two young boys running across a beach, sharing moments of laughter and happiness, it then comes to light it is a mere memory, of young Ross and Francis.

Caroline Penvenen is back from London, along with the nasty George Warleggan! Jeremy Poldark already growing up fast, as it is set a year after episode four.

Caroline again meets with the man she admires, Dwight Enys. Awkwardly bumping into one another Dwight awkwardly exchanges, “I hope you’re well”.

At Caroline Penvenen’s engagement party that does not quite go to plan, Francis and Ross converse, speaking of George Warleggan. Francis remarks, “Awkward”, both share a light grin, noticing Warleggan intently staring.

Ross hilariously replies to his cousin, “The last time we met he went head over heels, I doubt he’d been keen to repeat the experience”.

Elizabeth then appears to confess her undying love for Ross, which appears to still be ignited, similarly with Ross – can this cause future troubles?

Ross gets into quite a muddle down the mines as they fear they have found the man betraying those who help the smugglers, Nick Vigus.

Ross confronts him – things get ugly as Vigus sourly replies; “”Even if he think he do by slumming with scullery maids”, to this remark, Ross loses his cool, angrily headbutts Vigus, well deserved!

Aunt Agatha also shows her amusing side describing George as being “Fligged out” in “Frills and fallallery”.

A cunning side then emerges when she pretends to be deaf when she is in the presence of George Warleggan, in which he takes the chance to say some horrid things, such as;

“There should be a law to kill off old crones”.

“If you were the last of the Poldark’s I’d do it myself”

There is indeed no stopping the cruel limits that George Warleggan will adapt himself to.

Francis learns of George’s visit, then riding to his estate. Spouting out the words we had all been waiting for.

“You will never again set foot in my house”

“He (Geoffrey Charles) is no longer your godson”, Yes, Francis – showing some backbone, which I am very glad of!

We later got to see Ross Poldark himself in a bathtub! Which I bet half the nation enjoyed!

Francis then leaves telling his son; “I’ll be home in time to read you a story”.

Dwight and Caroline sneakily arrange a meeting at the wods, which resulted in a fist-pump from myself, poor Dwight had been ever so patient.

Learning Caroline had been jilted, his little face appears to light up. He then describes himself as “A man with not the smallest fortune”, Poor Dwight, having to explain himself.

There was a little squeal from myself as they eventually kiss!

Francis and Demelza share such a heartwarming conversation which Francis says, “You have one failing, and that is that you don’t think well enough of yourself…You mistake your own value. Ross was a wise man when he chose you”.

Demelza continues to doubt herself defining Elizabeth as being “well bred, she was Ross’ first love”. Francis then offers a smile saying, “You must do away with the notion that someone has done you a favour by letting you into this family..Will you do that?”.

Francis being extremely kindhearted was beautiful to witness.

Francis ventures the mine alone

The end of this episode absolutely broke my heart. Francis ventures the mine on his own, falling into an underwater pool in the mine – all alone, hanging on for his life, he has flashbacks similar to Ross’.

He mumbles Ross’ name hoping to be saved, when Ross finds him it is too late. He pulls him out, sobbing he says. “Why the hell didn’t you learn to swim”, this scene being extremely heartbreaking.

The episode ends at Francis’ funeral, an extremely saddening ending – yet, Kyle Soller played Francis Poldark to perfection.



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