Poldark Episode 4 – Punch Ups and Pilchards!

Episode 4 of series 2 of Poldark – indeed another enjoyable episode! Blamey’s back, George Warleggan get’s what’s coming to him, Demelza is desperate for Pilchards, Ross again, puts his neck on the line.

To begin, we view Demelza and Ross walking along the clifftop, the Cornish beauty in plain sight. Men pass, being taken to Truro jail. Ross then speaks of equality with  a strong sense of affirm in his voice.

Ross then tells Demelza he is needed at the mine, she jokes about being left on her own, saying, “Suppose I’d met a foot pad on the way home?”, to my absolute delight, Ross’ reply being rather amusing – “God help him”.

Demelza, goes fishing where she must not, Ross finds out and questions her, “You went out on the boat?”, Demelza comically replies, “No, I whistled and they came dancing at me out the waves”, much to Ross’ dismay. Indeed she is a very fiery/sarcastic character!

Caroline Penvenen continues to flirt with Dr Dwight, writing a letter of thanks to him for getting rid of the fish bone, insisting he visit her, he does so. It seems that Caroline’s form of flattery is to buy Dwight some oranges to cure his patients – how to capture a doctor’s heart!

Also, the Poldark’s finally reunite, bonds are mended, including Poldark’s and the Blamey’s! Francis and Ross strike a business deal together.

It was indeed a nail biter as Ross, again put his neck on the line, helping smuggler’s, which ended well, Demelza however being unhappy with his actions, he merely speaks, “We are 200 pounds richer than we were this morning”.

After being rude towards Dwight and his patients, Caroline decides to patch things up by buying bags of oranges, anonymously delivering them to Dr Dwight Enys. He soon figures her out and visits her, teasingly saying “For 12 bags of oranges he (Horace – the pug) shall have the best attention I can give”.

To my absolute delight – Ross and George had a fight in the pub, over 30 pieces of silver (basically) and the business deal Ross and Francis made, George abruptly rubbing Ross up the wrong way, he swings for him and it kicks off! Indeed a punch up, where Warleggan attempts to gouge poor Ross’ eyes out!

There’s trouble brewing as Demelza is out fishing again, she starts to get contractions and the current begins to pull, getting herself into a fix!

Ross, is not too pleased!

Unhappy Ross manages to find her – rescuing her. The comic remarks between these two still evident; “I could crown you”, Ross then mocking she can once she’s given birth! They have a baby boy, as delivered by the wonderful Dr Enys, full of smiles.

The final moments of the episode being the best, Ross remarks, “The North Star is not the brightest in the sky”, Demelza bewildered, replies, “What is?”

Ross replies, all smug, “The Dog Star, which is fitting. Since I found my star in a dog fight”, a huge smile lurking across his face.

Overall, the episode did not disappoint – very enjoyable and beautiful to watch with incredible cast, acting and dialogue. I look forward to next weeks!






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