True Grit Review.

I feel extremely far behind having only watched this great film last night.

Starring Josh Brolin, Hailee Steinfield and Jeff Bridges alongside Matt Damon, the cast connected extremely well.

Based on the classic starring John Wayne, this remake does not disappoint.

Hailee Steinfield portrays 14 year old Mattie Ross, the girl being a simple farm girl, she seeks to avenge her father’s death. After learning he was killed by an outlaw named Tom Chaney she sets out on a mission, to seek revenge.


She asks for the help of Rooster Cogburn (Bridges), a trigger happy man of the law, who at first, does nothing but refuse the girl. Later on agreeing, they decide on their journey, Mattie seeming content.

The following morning, Mattie seeks Rooster, to find him gone, nothing but a note left, with a train ticket, she is not a happy bunny. She soon catches up with Rooster, dramatically flouncing along the piercing river with her trusted horse.

Joined by Texas ranger, LaBoeuf (Matt Damon), both men seem unimpressed by the girls courageous actions.

As the film progresses, Cogburn is indeed an hilarious character, trigger-happy as he is, him and LaBoeuf do not see eye to eye, constantly throwing snide remarks.LaBoeuf retreats, leaving Mattie alone with Rooster.

They continue venturing, in which a rather humorous scene takes place; Cogburn enlists Mattie to untie a body from a tree, Mattie hoping it may be Chaney, she cuts it down, Cogburn suggests he may know the man, when the body reaches the ground he remarks, “I do not know this man”, in a rather amusing tone.

As the film progresses, we meet a variety of characters, such as the dentist, who likes to keep warm with bear fur!

Looking rather cosy!

Rooster accidentally shoots LaBeouf in the shoulder whilst trying to capture Chaney, this leading to a shoot out scene where Cogburn and LaBeouf demonstrate, rather – flaunt their skills, trying to demonstrate the practicality they still reserve. Seemingly to my amusement, Cogburn lost his spark of being able to aim at moving targets. Which exactly proved LaBeouf’s point!

At this time LaBeouf demonstrates humorous remarks such as “Bold talk for a one eyed fat man”, indeed making the film enjoyable.

Ned Pepper.

Barry Pepper as ill tempered Ned Pepper was extremely bewildering, playing the brutal character very well!

Chaney comes along later in the film, played brilliantly by Josh Brolin, the fierce acting skills demonstrated.

The shoot out scene being the most intense, Chaney coming behind Mattie and LaBeouf, knocking him out, whilst Rooster fights for his life below among Ned Pepper and his friends.

The film having a very saddening end, Rooster Cogburn being dead, a tear rose to my eye as the caring character of Cogburn was clearly demonstrated at the end of the film where he helps Mattie, taking her to a house to save her from the venomous snake bite.

This film is indeed, now one of my favourites, thoroughly enjoyed!




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